How Easter is celebrated in San Francisco

Easter in San Francisco is like how Easter Sunday is celebrated all throughout the world. IT  includes a lot of fun activities for both adults and children alike. Most of the cities have activities scheduled for everyone to enjoy. Most of them are free, but some have admission fees.

Easter BunnyOne of the events will be the Spring Eggstravaganza that will be held this 30th of March around 11am until 3pm at the Golden Gate Park Carousel Area (198 John F. Kennedy Drive in San Francisco). This will include  egg hunting activities, games, carnival rides, and live entertainment. There will also a barbecue cook-off between the city’s rec and park, fire and police departments. Everyone is encouraged to taste their masterpieces. Admission will be $8.

Egg huntingThere is another event called Big Bunny’s Spring Fling which will be held on the 30th and 31st of March which will start at 11am and will last until 3pm.  It will be held at the San Francisco Zoo, Sloat Boulevard along the Great Highway. Activities will include puppet shows, stories with Princess Honey Bunny, sing-a-longs, and close-up peeks with real rabbits. Kids and adults can see where chicks crack their eggs and can feed the ducks too. Admission to the event is free althoughthere will still be a zoo admission charge.

The most well awaited event during Easter in San Francisco will be the annual Union Street Spring Celebration and Eastern Parade. This will be held in Union between Fillmore and Gough streets at 2pm on the 31st of March. Events such as rides and games, climbing wall, pony rides, live music and Easter bonnet contest starts at 10am and will end at 5pm in the afternoon. Everyone is encouraged to join since this event is free.

Inexpensive tour to San Francisco

When travelling, we don’t really need to spend a lot just to enjoy. There are a number of things to do in San Francisco that don’t really require too much from your budget. AAE AMsterdamNot all accommodations are that expensive. You can find affordable hostels available in town. To name a few of them are AAE Amsterdam and Adelaide Hostel and Hotel. After having a place to stay, now is the best time to hunt the fun in the city.

ChinatownSan Francisco by itself is good for walking. It is mostly better to walk than to ride a tour bus and miss most of the sights you came for. There are also plenty of places to eat that will not cost you too much. Aside from fast food, there are still a lot of coffee houses in the Mission District you can try. If you’re looking for soups and hot food, Chinatown is just nearby.

There are loads of promotional admission passes available for people courtesy of San Francisco’s biggest companies. These will include the Fisherman’s Wharf Card, the Muni Card, the City Pass and the Go Cards.

You can save money on Museum visits, tour and Francisco bay and many others some of them might even go as high as 50% off using one of those cards on the list. The Muni Card will also help a lot on giving discounts for transportation.

Places you should never miss, but doesn’t require you too much on entry fees and even nothing at all, are:

The Golden Gate Bridge – you will miss half of your life if you went to San Francisco without visiting this Bridge. It is even considered as one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World.

The Treasure Island – riding a Muni Bus will make it easy to reach the place. It is an artificial island bay. Once you stepped onto it, you’ll witness a very vast and calm horizon, views of the San Francisco skylines and the Oakland.

Fisherman's WharfThe Fisherman’s Wharf – one of the most talked about places in the city. You’ll come back once you’ve experienced its street entertainment and ate their very flavorful fresh fishes.

The Golden Gate Park – in this place you’ll understand what a park is supposed to be. Here you’ll discover how a Japanese tea garden looks like. You will also see the Flower Conservatory, visit the de young Museum, and breathe in the Strybing Arboretum (featuring an array of plants from temperate zones).Golden Gate Park

Lastly is the Presidio – a very historical place and an architectural work of art. It is famous for being one of the oldest military pillars in the country.

As you can see there is an abundance of things to do in San Francisco. And who says this place is just for wealthy people? You can enjoy this place even within a budget.

Let’s go Ocean Beaching

Another way of enjoying and the things to do in San Francisco is to go to Ocean Beach. This place has been the paradise for most surfers due to its gigantic waves suited for the sport. It is located along the shorelines encompassing San Francisco, California. It is in line Richmond District, the Sunset District and the Golden Gate Park. Managed by the National Park Service, Ocean Beach is included in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Most of the pleasant beach weather takes place in late autumn and early springtime, when the mist is less rampant. But during throughout the late spring and summertime, San Francisco’s common misty climate often surround the beach, bringing up temperatures 9°C to 12°C which disappoints discouraging beach goers and other tourists. Although this is what it normally looks like, the beach is still well known for surfers and bonfire party lovers.

The Ocean Beach waters are notable for its tough stream and waves, thus the place is well known amongst determined surfers.

The Ocean is threatening to casual swimmers and those who just want to tiptoe in the water due to its coldness and hasty and slashing currents. A lot of swimmers, who didn’t have the necessary precautions, have already been carried away and drowned. Yet, Ocean Beach is still one the Bay Area’s chief surfing destinations. One of its parts, somewhere south of the beach by the Sloat Boulevard, is one of the cleanest spots nationally.

Bonfire Party at San Francisco Bay AreaWhen we say Ocean Beaching it’s not literally just for surfing. It’s the best place to walk just to feel the cool foggy area, exercise your dog, fly your kites and watch the sunset. It is even one of the best places in San Francisco to witness the magical feeling of the sun setting down before nighttime.

San Francisco Essentials

There are tons of things to do in San Francisco, but before that it will be vital to prepare the things you need to know before enjoying this wonderful City.

In moving around the location, one needs to understand that San Francisco is a town of neighborhoods and people prefer to walk here and bike. Also, please just wear flats since the place is steep and you’ll just make it hard for your legs and feet to wear hills. If you don’t wish to walk too much, they also offer modes of transport like the BART (which is mostly a subway), trolley cars, light rail, bicycles and motorbikes, ships, Segways, and electric MUNI buses.  The very best method to find a way in these overlapping passage systems is through the Web, at or you can also dial 511 to get assistance that free travel service.

If ever you wish to bring your car or rent one, it will be stress-free. But the car parks part in this area is the worst. After 6 p.m is the usual time when patient drivers can be seen on-street parking. This is when meters finish the job. But for busy people, they’ll end up paying $10 to $20 a day (or more!) just for a parking lot. On getting cabs, most people call taxi services instead of flagging as seen on most streets. It is not prohibited to do that however, the driver might just pay no attention to you given that he is also on his way to get someone who called them first.

And in eating in various cafés, a tip of 15 to 20 percent is anticipated. The most important thing is the weather. Yes, the weather is great. But don’t you trust it. Always bring your jackets or sweaters since it might be cold later this afternoon, when you saw a very bright sunny sky in the morning.

San Francisco is a haven of wonderful sites, and. There sure are a lot of things to do in San Francisco, but bear in mind that one should be prepared so in the end, the journey would be fantastic.