Apple’s HomeKit for iOS 8

Technology giant Apple has announced the fall release of their newest operation system iOS 8. Along with new and improved applications, is one of their most ambitious and admittedly exciting feature yet- Home Kit. It is a new platform for management and facilitation of home gadgets. Through HomeKit, iPhone users will be able to control their smart home devices. Aiming to replace garage door remote controls, security camera surveillance and even trips to the light switch, it consolidates basic homeowner tasks through a touch of a button and a voice command to Siri.

Here are some HomeKit features that stood out:

Control individual smart devices from your home.
Be able to use voice control through Siri.
Home device grouping- control a series of items all at once. (Whole rooms to entire floors!)

Apple partners up with more than a dozen established companies. August (smart locks), Phillips, Honeywell, iHome and TI, among many. A certification will come along with HomeKit to make sure products supports the features.

Stay tuned for more updates, Homeowners!

Posted by: Rebecca White on

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