Aquarium of the Bay

Explore the magical wonders of San Francisco Bay at Aquarium of the Bay! There are three main exhibit areas that showcase what lies beneath the surface of the San Francisco Bay and surrounding waters.


The aquarium opened in 1996 under the name UnderWater World at a cost of $38 million and about 3,000 fish with 100 unique species. UnderWater World had a 360-foot-long acrylic tunnel that cuts through tanks filled with 700,000 gallons of filtered water from the bay. The original aquarium was remodeled with around $2 million in 2001 and re-branded as Aquarium of the Bay in 2001. Since then, they added additional attractions and has 273 species and more than 60,000 fish.

The Aquarium has over 50 sharks from species such as sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, soupfins, spiny dogfish, brown smoothhounds and angel sharks. The Aquarium also has skates, bat rays and thousands of other animals including eels, flatfish, rockfish, Wrasse, Gobies, Kelpfish, Pricklebacks, Ronquil, Sculpin and Sturgeons.

Rebecca’s Tip:

Daily special events include animal feedings, naturalist presentations and behind-the-scenes tours. Admission is $22 for adults, $13 for seniors (65+) and children (3-11). Children under 3 are free. Families save with the Family Pack, priced at just $64 for two adults and two children. Upgrade your general admission ticket to an exciting Behind the Scenes Tour for an additional $10 for members and $12 for non-members.

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