California’s Worst Rental Marketing Pics/Ads

From a tourist’s point of view, the word California summons images of the beaches of San Diego, the glamour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills Los Angeles and of course, the picturesque city by the bay, San Francisco. Along with these scenes come homes- whether they’re condos overlooking the ocean, mansions or charming Victorians. Us locals on the otherhand, know differently. California is more than SD, LA and SF. The homes, well, more varied.

Real estate marketing is quite the task. While you want to get your best foot forward and market a home accentuating its best assets through pictures and videos, you also want to have integrity and not do too much of a gloss-over on its perceived flaws. After all, when a buyer walks in, the last thing you want to hear is “I was bamboozled! This doesn’t look anything like the pictures!”.

Honest? Yes. Here are some examples of people whose motto seems to be “Take It or Leave It”. To hell with Photoshop! Or with cleaning for that matter.

Los Angeles $475.00/mo

“It is a hutch for sleeping. One needs to climb a ladder to get in. The last three people who have rented it were women who will testify as to it coziness”


San Francisco $1050.00/mo

“Room for rent- One block to 3rd street city transit”


Los Angeles $500.00/mo

“Take notice it is a small room.”


Los Angeles $600.00/mo

“Private RV, amazing skyline views and you own private rooftop, a deal for new mover to LA that needs their own space.”

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San Francisco $450.00/mo

“Cozy private room in a prime location. Room measures 4 feet by 2.5 feet. Shelving unit is included!”


Los Angeles $230.00/mo

“I m in need to rent the hallway of my small studio ( night time only). We don’t have a kitchen.”


San Francisco $175.00/week

“Welcome to our guest tent. It’s furnished with a single airbed. This rental is limited to one person.”


We’re sure to add more as we come across the worst real estate marketing listings. Do you have some of your own? Let us know and we’ll include it in the next part!

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