Rebecca’s Tips: DIY Easter Crafts Edition

It’s Easter and whichever denomination you belong to, you can’t deny that Easter has become more of a family holiday more than a religious observance. That said, here’s a compilation of crafts you can do yourself for your home and children of all ages! Click on the links provided for full tutorials.




Hatching Hard Boiled Eggs
Peeled hard boiled eggs and and carrots create the appearance of “hatching” little chicks.


Easter Egg Bunnies
You’ve never seen Easter bunnies look this cute.


Speckled Jars
Use pretty pastels to coat the hipster trendy Mason jars in festive colors.


“Bunny in the Grass” Wreath
Put the finishing touches on your Easter mantel with this cute grass-themed wreath.


Egg Flower Vase
Rather than your usual vase, house your spring flowers in eggs. Use candle wax to attach them to a small mirror, then place by a window or on a dining table.


Peeps Wreath
For colorful Easter decor, use toothpicks to pin Peeps down to a styrofoam wreath.


Confetti Eggs
This is one egg we wouldn’t mind being cracked over our heads!


Have any of your own? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

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