From Its Fall to Rise: Nob Hill

Nob Hill is a steep hill in San Francisco. It is one of the San Francisco homes  that feature best of the most sophisticated hotels that provides magnificent bird’s-eye views of the city. It is where one can find the well known Big Four Hotels namely, the St. Francis, the Fairmont, the Mark Hopkins and the Huntington. Grace Cathedral

The Grace cathedral, situated in the area, has already become an global pilgrimage focus and famous for works of art like the replica of Ghiberti’s ‘Gates of Paradise’, diverse stained glass windows, De Rosen mosaics, Keith Haring AIDS Chapel altarpiece, 2 labyrinths, and medieval and modern fixtures, together with its 44 bell carillon, 3 organs, and their choirs which has been one of the 7 only remaining of their kind.

Fairmont HotelDue to its sights and its inner location, Nob Hill has become a restricted territory of the elites and other upper class people who has constructed massive estates in the place. Unfortunately, the 1906 earthquake and fire destroyed most of them and the only remaining is the James C. Flood Mansion and the Fairmont Hotel. Both of these buildings have exteriors made of stone hence, they survived the tragedy. The Fairmont Hotel still acts as one of San Francisco’s grandest hotels still in action and the Flood Mansion has become the head office of Pacific-Union Club and a tourist spot.

Nob Hill HomesNowadays Nob Hill homes still are majestic. Instead of the mansions, high-class sky scraping condominiums and hotels ruled the town. Hotels were erected above the remains of the earlier mansions consisting of the Huntington Mark Hopkins, and Stanford Court.

It is such a nice place to live in. For a traveler, witnessing its grandeur is one of the things to do in San Francisco. It has been contributing long and short sales in San Francisco due to the presence of plenty business areas. Luckily, there haven’t been any negative feedbacks published about the place yet, but sure is Nob Hill homes will make you feel classy. Not only because of the scenery and the area and places to go to, but the prices of stuff also go the same way too.

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