Let’s go Ocean Beaching

Another way of enjoying and the things to do in San Francisco is to go to Ocean Beach. This place has been the paradise for most surfers due to its gigantic waves suited for the sport. It is located along the shorelines encompassing San Francisco, California. It is in line Richmond District, the Sunset District and the Golden Gate Park. Managed by the National Park Service, Ocean Beach is included in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Most of the pleasant beach weather takes place in late autumn and early springtime, when the mist is less rampant. But during throughout the late spring and summertime, San Francisco’s common misty climate often surround the beach, bringing up temperatures 9°C to 12°C which disappoints discouraging beach goers and other tourists. Although this is what it normally looks like, the beach is still well known for surfers and bonfire party lovers.

The Ocean Beach waters are notable for its tough stream and waves, thus the place is well known amongst determined surfers.

The Ocean is threatening to casual swimmers and those who just want to tiptoe in the water due to its coldness and hasty and slashing currents. A lot of swimmers, who didn’t have the necessary precautions, have already been carried away and drowned. Yet, Ocean Beach is still one the Bay Area’s chief surfing destinations. One of its parts, somewhere south of the beach by the Sloat Boulevard, is one of the cleanest spots nationally.

Bonfire Party at San Francisco Bay AreaWhen we say Ocean Beaching it’s not literally just for surfing. It’s the best place to walk just to feel the cool foggy area, exercise your dog, fly your kites and watch the sunset. It is even one of the best places in San Francisco to witness the magical feeling of the sun setting down before nighttime.

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