Oldest Victorians: Feusier Octagon House 1858

San Francisco Landmark #36
Feusier Octagon House
1067 Green Street Between Leavenworth and Jones
Built 1858


The Feusier Octagon House is one of only two surviving houses in San Francisco built on the octagon plan. The other is the Colonial Dames Octagon on Gough Street. Both houses retain their original exterior construction and reflect their eight-sided shape in the interior. The original two-story house was modified (not to its detriment) late in the century when the Feusiers added a third story with Mansard roof, surmounted by an octagonal cupola. Like other buildings on Russian Hill, the Feusier House escaped the 1906 Earthquake but was menaced by the Fire; the outbuildings were dynamited but fortunately the main house was saved.

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