Rebecca’s Bath Revamp Ideas: Glass Blocking

One of the best ways to revamp your bathroom look (also to raise market value, if you’re thinking of selling)  is to make those walls look good. Not only does it have to be visually pleasing, it must stand up to heat, moisture and frequent cleaning. Here’s Rebecca’s first tip for rehabilitating those tired walls.


Glass Blocking

Glass block is a favorite material because of its modern look and its ability to transmit light while preserving privacy for both walls and windows. It’s on the expensive side and unfortunately not too easy to DIY. Here are some samples and you’ll see it’s well worth the price!


Phillips Hue lightbulbs modernize this marble bathroom.
Use as a window, come off as an accent in this dream bath.
Black, silver, glass. The modern minimalist fantasy bathroom.
Design scheme flexible: it fits whatever theme you’re going for!
Wood, white and glass in a contemporary bathroom.





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