Rebecca’s Tips: App Essentials for The Modern San Franciscan

When we say essential, we mean ESSENTIAL. Living in the modern times in one of the country’s biggest tech hubs has its perks. Most everything is made easy by an app that can be downloaded through every Android or iPhone. Here are some of Rebecca’s top picks:



Lyft & Uber: Both are changing the way people commute through car sharing. Pay sometimes less than a cab ride for essentially the same thing. With Lyft even offering Lyft Line where you can share your ride with another commuter and split the predetermined lower rate, how can you say no? Another thing that distinguishes these apps over a cab ride is you get to know and see who’s picking you up. Yes, plate number and all.


GetAround: Don’t necessarily want to be chauffeured around but need a car to run several small errands? GetAround is the app for you. You can rent a car for a couple of hours, even a whole day or rent out your own car for additional income.


511 SF Bay Transit App: Muni, bus and BART still your top mode of transportation? Learn live schedules and view routes with this app.





Detour: Gives an audio tour of iconic San Francisco hot spots. Pretty nifty for the San Franciscan sight-seeing wanderlust.










EAT24: Now integrated with Yelp, you can order for pickup or delivery, even late nights. Search restaurant reviews in app and see what’s available through their sorted lists.


MiniBar: Party for 2 or 20 but don’t really have the time nor desire to go for a liquor run? Well, this one’s for you.









Washio: On..demand..laundry..and…dry cleaning. Enough said.


Homejoy: See Washio, only it’s for your whole apartment and not just laundry.


PostMates: Any food and local goods errands you can’t run for whatever life reasons (or general laziness), you can hire a PostMate to do it for you.


TaskRabbit: A wider spectrum of errands and tasks can be assigned to a taskrabbit through the app. Pay per project or by the hour.





Rover: Find your next dog walker here.


Treat: In-home veterinary services. What?! Yes, in-home.








Did we miss any and have one you recommend? Let us know or leave a link below.










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