Rebecca’s Tips: Rainy Days in SF


Rain is something the city doesn’t experience too often. When San Franciscans say rain, it could be anywhere from a heavy mist enough to coat the ground wet to slight drizzling to sometimes well, a pour.

Because of this scarcity, a rainy day isn’t really something most of us prepare for. Here are Rebecca’s tips for SF rainy day activities:

Watch a Foreign or Independent Film

With a very selective taste in movies to show plus what we hear are very comfortable seats, visit the Landmark Embarcadero.

Get or Stay Active

Visit Planet Granite at the heart of The Presidio. Go climbing or bouldering with views of Crissy Field. Enjoy 25,000 sqft of fitness equipment and activities including climbing, cardio and yoga.


With a multitude of hands-on activities, The Exploratorium is somewhere you can spend tons of hours on a rainy day. Located at Embarcadero and Green St, you know you can follow up this location with a lot more others whether it’s restaurants, shops or recreation.


Located at the top of Nob Hill, Grace Cathedral is a sight to see whether you’re religious or not. This iconic structure houses an indoor labyrinth which is meant to be meditative. Try to allot at least 30 minutes to go through the labyrinth surrounded by beautiful architecture. Plus, there’s a gift shop at basement level.

Learn New Cooking Techniques

Want to learn the art of dumplings? Maybe you’re more of a pastry person and want to expand your knowledge on cake decorating or chocolate techniques? Or maybe you want to start eating healthier and in need of gluten-free or organic preparations. Stop by San Francisco Cooking School. They have a variety of classes led by industry-respected instructors.

Go Wine Tasting 

From SF to Treasure Island, we don’t really have a shortage of wine tasting rooms. Indulge by yourself, with a partner or friends!


With a variety of shopping establishments often housing +-50 retail shops, you will never run out of things to buy or look at. Consider The Westfield, Pier 1, Stonestown Galleria and more!

Stay In and Relax

Go ahead and get up just a tad bit later. Binge on Netflix shows. Read a book. Just enjoy the rain. Afterall, it’s not going to last forever.

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