San Francisco and Apple’s Newest Store

Everyone is abuzz with the new Apple retail store on the corner of Market and 4th St. Saturday marked the 15th anniversary of Apple opening its first stores and  boy was this new retail store a great way to celebrate. Not only because well, its an Apple store but because of its top technology innovative features.

It is designed by UK architecture firm Foster + Partners, whose recent work has ranged from designing drone ports to robot-built 3D-printed shelters for Mars to futuristic fuel stations.


We’re sure you’ve already seen the trending news as far as the building itself so here’s the highlight areas broken down:


The Avenue 

“The Avenue is a new take on displaying products. It runs along a wall and has interactive “windows” in which items are displayed, inspired by seasonal store-front displays. The displays are attended by staff to provide visitors with information.”


The Forum

“The Forum is a learning environment where specialists from various fields come to entertain, inspire and teach.”



The Genius Grove

“The Genius Grove offers a more relaxed setting amongst a small grove of trees, each within a single planter that doubles as a comfortable place to sit and rest while an Apple Genius answers any questions.”




The Boardroom

“The Boardroom, a place for meetings, conversations and partnerships for local entrepreneurs.”



Have already visited and have pictures to share? Please do so below at the comment section. Haven'[t got the chance to? We’re sure its worth the trip whether or not you’re looking for new gadgets.

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