Neighborhood Snapshot: Hayes Valley

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Location: As of April 2012, after changes to the district boundaries used by the Board of Supervisors, the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association considers the neighborhood as a whole to be bound by Webster Street in the west, Van Ness Avenue in the east, Fulton Street in the north, and Hermann Street and Market Street in the south, with extensions as far west as Fillmore, between Haight Street and Hermann Street, as far north as McAllister Street, between Franklin Street and Van Ness Avenue, and as far south as Market Street, between Buchanan Street and Laguna Street.


History: Native people in many small bands, now referred to collectively as the Ohlone tribe, lived in San Francisco part of the year, gathering food in the Mission Creek area, which included seasonal Hayes Creek, and other parts of today’s city. Hayes Valley would have been thickly covered with wildflowers every spring.[6] When it was running in the winter, Hayes Creek cut diagonally through the current Hayes Valley.[7] It is now underground year-round.



Commercial: high-end fashion boutiques, classy coffee shops and dining options plus cultural recreation options

Residential: a mix of classic Victorian homes and mid/high-rises

Accessibility: Walking and pretty much all modes of transportation are viable. Street parking can be tricky so a private garage is advisable.




Is it for you? Hayes Valley is a mix of old SF charm and the reflection of our rapid gentrification. Families and single professionals will love this area. Raising a child in Hayes Valley is very common as it’s also one of SF’s “stroller neighborhoods”.