The Richmond District

Heavily-influenced by East Asian culture, The Richmond District is divided into 5 sub-neighborhoods. The Pacific Ocean is located to its west- giving it its foggy weather and colder climate. Think wind chills. Couples, empty nesters and various size families favor living in this neighborhood. It’s walkable, teeming with businesses and most importantly- safe. The residential options is made up of single-family homes (check out those Marina-style homes) primarily with the addition of small apartment complexes. Some parts feature quite a number of Victorian and Edwardian mansions. Yes. Mansions. But don’t be fooled. The Richmond is one of the most laid-back neighborhoods in San Francisco.



Developed initially in the late 19th century, it is sandwiched between Presidio of San Francisco on the north and Golden Gate Park on the south. Lying directly north of Golden Gate Park, “The Richmond” is bounded by Fulton Street to the south, Arguello and Laurel Heights to the east, Lincoln Park to the north, and Ocean Beach and the Pacific Ocean to the west.



Home to a vast affluent Chinese population, you can see the vast influence on commercial options. Clement Street is commonly referred to as Second Chinatown and arguably the better destination for authentic dining. Some parts of The Richmond also has Irish and Russian influences. This is especially noticeable through the number of churches, Russian stores and Irish pubs.



The Lake Street District is just south of Presidio of San Francisco and north of Inner Richmond. This is the one with many Victorian/Edwardian mansions.

SeaCliff is a small neighborhood consists of mostly exclusive mansions. The name came from its position- sitting on the northwestern cliff of The Richmond.

Inner Richmond is bounded by California St. to the north, Arguello Blvd to the east, Fulton St. to the south, and Park Presidio Blvd. to the west. It’s known for Geary Blvd. and Clement Street- yes, the ones with great food options! Not to be outdone, Balboa St with its Japanese and Korean restaurants also garner quite the foot traffic.

Central Richmond is between Inner Richmond and Outer Richmond. It is bounded by Park Presidio Blvd to the east, California St. to the north, Fulton St. to the south, and 33rd Ave. to the west.

Outer Richmond is to the west of Central Richmond. It is bounded by Clement St. to the north, 33rd Ave. to the east, Fulton St. to the south, and Ocean Beach to the west.


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