What’s in a Nickname? Part 3

The last installment of our 3 part feature. Enjoy!

SF (Short, Sweet and Acceptable) 


Pretty self-explanatory. This shortening of San Francisco is commonly used by both tourists and locals, alike.

The Golden City (Does Anyone Really Use This?) 

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It sounds pompous, we know. With the Gold Rush and today’s tech boom, yes the city is generating “gold”. But already having a pretty prideful reputation, we doubt a lot of locals use this nickname.

Fog City (The One That Rings True)


Tourist Expectation: A sensuous white blanket embracing the city. Local Reality: Although beautiful, the fog sucks most of the time.

That said, the nickname is one of those which actually embody a city characteristic. And for that, we can’t complain.

The City (The One For Bay Area Local-Use)


Come on, you know we all use it here. This is also true for most major metropolitan cities like New York.

City by the Bay (The Crowd Favorite) 


No explanation needed. It sounds good. It feels right. It rings true.

There you have it folks. Do you know any other San Francisco nicknames? Which ones do you favor? Which ones make you turn into the stereotypical angry local when you hear it? Let us know!

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